Lungi Sierra Leone Flights Fares

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Airport: Lungi*

*Airport transfer to Freetown can be done: by road around the estuary (2hours), by speed boat across the estuary ( 25 minutes) . Note speed boat crossing includes bus transfer from Lungi airport to the sea shore (10mns drive).

Airlines: Brussels Airlines (via Brussels), Air France via Paris, Royal Ai Maroc (via Casablanca)

(See below for more information)

Visa: required for British Passport holders.

Transit visa: required for Sierra Leoneans passport holders, if they have to change airports when transiting via Paris.

Our Freetown office:

Office manager: Gloria Carrol

Senior Travel Consultant: Florence Whenzle

Africa Travel Centre,
Delco House, 12 Lighfoot Boston Street, Freetown.

Tel: +232 2536 0765 or +232 7776 7996

Our office is located in the centre of Freetown and most Sierra Leoneans would know where the street is located.


Freetown's Lungi International Airport is located across the Sierra Leone River, eight miles to the north of downtown Freetown. It is operated by the Sierra Leone Airports Authority which has made major improvements to the terminal building over the past few years.

Lungi Airport boasts a superb Duty Free shopping facility (Image) located on the ground floor at the departure lounge. Available to both departing and transit passengers. Ii is offers a wide variety of goods at competitive prices. It opens from the first flight until the last, seven days a week and accepts both foreign currencies and Leones.

Open Weekdays - 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM, Saturdays - 9.30 AM - 6.00 PM, Sundays - Closed,